About IndieRave

IndieRave is about indie gaming – but I should hope you figured that bit out. I’m Scott, and am currently the only writer for IndieRave – I’m here to give my thoughts on indie releases and hopefully bring more attention to the games deserving of it. We also cover news, and write retrospective posts for older games – partly because I’m broke, but also because they’re fun to write about. Just because a game came out a decade ago doesn’t mean no one will read the review, right?


At the moment, we exclusively cover PC content – mobile devs have approached me before, but there are far too many PC games to track and write updates on without adding other platforms to the mix. That said, if you *are* a PC dev and want to get in contact, you can email me at scott@IndieRave.com – or click the ‘Contact’ button above.

Thanks for reading!