Faeland – A Legend of Zelda Style Metroidvania

Faeland – A Legend of Zelda Style Metroidvania

May 15, 2018 0 By Scott Doyle


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FaelandTaleGames‘s metroidvania adventure RPG – is making it’s way onto The Watchlist today. You play as Sam, a skilled hunter who’s forest abode is destroyed by a horde of orcs and trolls. Sam survives the attack and begins his quest to destroy the monstrous beasts, using a variety of weapons and armor to fight his way through the fantasy world.

Faeland combines aspects of early Metroid and Legend of Zelda games, having you explore a hand crafted open world, solving puzzles and defeating bosses.


Kickstarter Trailer


Faeland‘s Kickstarter has raised $50,239 of it’s $29,000 goal at time of writing, with 48 hours left to donate. The next stretch goal is New Game+, at $55,000. There’s still time to donate, so if Faeland looks like your type of game, check it out!

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Update: Faeland is Officially Funded