Death Trash – Lovecraft Does Mad Max

Death Trash – Lovecraft Does Mad Max

May 13, 2018 0 By Scott Doyle


Death Trash is an action role-playing game that brings Lovecraftian cosmic horror to a grungy post-apocalyptic setting. Developed by Crafting Legends, a one-man studio owned by Stephan Hövelbrinks, Death Trash has you use realtime combat, stealth, and psychic powers to survive an unforgiving planet overrun with grotesque monsters and shotgun wielding punks. The player is given the freedom to explore the game as they please – you can kill any character, with none of that ‘essential npc’ business – and can call upon a friend to help them brave this hellish nightmare-scape with the power of local co-op.




Death Trash started development in mid-2015, and currently does not have a release date. We’ll be following the game’s development and update you when the details arrive.

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