Backbone – Anthropomorphic Dystopia Detective Noir

Backbone – Anthropomorphic Dystopia Detective Noir

May 12, 2018 0 By Scott Doyle

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Today’s addition to The Watchlist is Backbone, a story-driven noir stealth-adventure developed by EggNut, set to release in 2019. Set in retro-futuristic Vancouver, Canada, you play as ‘Howard Lotor’, a raccoon private detective attempting to unfold the mysteries of a dystopian animal society while fighting against the discrimination of the planet’s ruling class – the ‘Great Apes’. You must solve detective cases by gathering evidence, interrogating witnesses, and using your heightened sense of smell to spot threats and stealthily avoid detection.


Backbone Trailer


Olfactory powers aside, Backbone‘s kickstarter ends on May 27th, and at time of writing has raised $34,853 of it’s $49,358 goal. Backbone looks like a truly special game, so let’s help make it happen!

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